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Supported Browsers for BrandBastion Platform

To ensure optimal performance and security while using the BrandBastion platform, we support the current and three prior versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Supported Browsers

  1. Google Chrome

    • We support the latest version plus the three preceding versions.

    • Chrome updates automatically, ensuring users typically operate on a supported version.

  2. Microsoft Edge

    • The latest version and the three previous versions are supported.

    • Edge updates frequently, aligning with the support policy.

  3. Mozilla Firefox

    • Support includes the current version and the three versions before it.

    • Firefox’s regular updates ensure users remain within the supported range.

Importance of Using Supported Browsers

Using a supported browser guarantees access to the latest features, ensuring the BrandBastion platform operates efficiently. Unsupported browsers may result in suboptimal performance.