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How to add Post tags

This feature empowers users to enhance their content management and analysis capabilities by adding tags to posts and subsequently filtering comments based on these tags.

For example, if you just launched a new product and your brand is sharing multiple posts about it, you can easily tag all posts that focus on the new product launch so you can later assess how it was received by your audience.

You can add tags to your posts in three places:

  • During post creation in the "Publish" section: This allows you to proactively set up tags before publishing posts, ensuring everything is in place in advance without the need to hunt for post IDs later. So you can schedule your posts and add tags for easy analysis of comments later on.

  • By clicking "See post" beneath any comment, facilitating efficient tagging on the go.

  • Directly beneath the post caption within the Posts tab, streamlining content organization and insightful analysis.

After adding tags, you can use the filter "Post Tags" on the side to filter comments.