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How to Set Up a Notification for When a Comment is Assigned to You

If you want to receive a notification when a new message or conversation is assigned to you, the process is very simple.

Access Notifications

Navigate to the "Notifications" section within the Analyze/Intelligence area of your platform. This is where you can configure custom notifications to keep you informed about comment assignments.

Create a Custom Notification

Look for the option to create a custom notification in blue.

Select Comment Assignee

Scroll down and specify yourself as the comment assignee. Click Next.

Name the Notification

Give your notification a recognizable name. For instance, you can name it "New Comment Assigned to Me" to make it easily identifiable in your email inbox.

Set Threshold & Recipients

Determine when you want to receive notifications. You can choose to be alerted every time you receive a new comment assignment or when a specific number of comments are assigned to you. This flexibility allows you to customize notifications based on your preferences and workload.

To finalize, add yourself as the recipient of the notification, and save!