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New platform: LinkedIn!

  • LinkedIn coverage: Stay in control of your brand's perception and engage seamlessly with your audience on the world's largest professional network. As LinkedIn continues to grow, we're here to make your 2024 social media game stronger than ever.

  • Scheduling TikTok and LinkedIn: BrandBastion now allows you to schedule posts not only on Instagram and Facebook but also on TikTok and LinkedIn. Plan your social media content calendar with all the insights you need to supercharge your performance.


After months of hard work, we're thrilled to announce a major update: the ability to publish content from the platform:

  • Publish Feature: Now, you can publish, schedule, and save drafts directly from our platform, streamlining your social media management tasks. Currently available for Facebook and Instagram content.

  • AI Post Caption Generation: Generate click-worthy captions with a single click and effortlessly create engaging captions. AI suggests captions tailored to your brand voice, making your content more captivating.

  • Social Holidays Calendar: Stay on top of important dates for content planning. Our calendar now displays all holidays and observance days, helping you plan your content around significant events.

  • Visualize Post Sentiment in Calendar: Understand how your content resonates with the audience. See post sentiment directly within the Publish calendar, allowing you to assess the impact and engagement of your content at a glance.


  • Selective Asset and Post Type Auto-Hiding: Users can selectively filter out specific assets and post types, streamlining their workflow to concentrate on relevant content for paid campaigns.

  • Saved Replies Tag Suggestions: Last month, we released a new feature that allowed users to tag their saved replies with the same tags they use for comments and messages. Now we enhanced that feature - when a message has a tag matching a saved reply, you'll get one-click suggestions with those saved replies. It makes responding faster and keeps your communication consistent.


  • Individual Message Tags: Now, you can add tags to each message within a private conversation, allowing for more granular organization and filtering. When filtering by tags, the DM conversation threads will be returned if individual DMs match any of the filtered tags.

  • View All User Conversations: Easily access a user's entire conversation history by selecting "View all conversations from this user" from the three dots on each message card within comment listings. This feature provides a comprehensive insight into user interactions.

  • Automatic Instagram Story Mentions Review: Instagram story mentions are now automatically marked as reviewed under the "Moderate" section. This streamlines the process, as you cannot hide these mentions.

  • Tags for Saved Replies: You can now apply tags to your saved replies, similar to comments and messages. This enables you to categorize and search for saved replies using tags, simplifying the retrieval of responses for specific tags. Streamline your workflow with this enhanced tagging capability.


  • Batch Hide Comments Inside Engage Section: Simplify your workflow by hiding multiple comments simultaneously within the Care tab.

  • Improved Active Filter Tooltips: Quickly understand which filters are currently active.

  • Date Filters Are Now Carried Over Between All Pages: Enjoy seamless navigation and consistency in your date filtering across all pages.


  • Download the Search page to PDF: Conveniently download the Analyze/Search page as a PDF document for easy sharing and offline access.

  • Receive Email Notifications When a Message is Assigned to You: Stay updated with email notifications and never miss an important message. Learn how →

  • Story mentions are also shown independently in the comment listing: Easily identify and access story mentions within the comment listing for better context.

  • Dedicated Story Mention filter under Message Type: Streamline your search by using the new dedicated filter for Story mentions, making it even easier to find and manage relevant messages.


  • Instagram Mentions coverage: Monitor all brand mentions in Instagram comments or captions of non-owned posts. Keep gaining valuable insights and issue timely responses to enhance brand credibility and foster customer loyalty. 

    • How to activate it: go to Assets > find your IG asset > click Edit >
      toggle on Monitor mentions.

  • Download the Overview page to PDF: Conveniently download the overview page as a PDF document for easy sharing and offline access.

  • Like Facebook comments: With the ability to like comments directly from the platform, you can express appreciation without the need for additional actions on Facebook.


  • Engage Performance section: Easily identify top-performing users based on response rate and speed, with average response time and total replies issued per user.

  • Specific AI prompts for brand customization: Customize your brand's voice with specific AI prompts that take into account your brand's name, industry, tone of voice, language, and other relevant details for more personalized auto-generated replies. Learn more

  • The keyword filter was improved (including the keyword blocker filter): Not only does this feature enhance the visual aspect of your keyword management, but by displaying each keyword as a separate chip, you can conveniently make adjustments without any guesswork.

  • Instagram Mentions coverage: Enhance your brand's social media monitoring by tracking and capturing comments and captions that mention your brand's handle (@mentions) on Instagram.

  • Download the first overview section to PDF: Conveniently download the initial overview section of your data as a PDF document for easy sharing and offline access.


  • Exclusion filters on Campaign filter: You can now exclude specific campaigns when filtering comments. This allows for more precise filtering and analysis of comments related to specific campaigns.

  • New “Conversation ID” filter as a way to filter/link to a specific comment: You can now filter comments using the Conversation ID, which allows you to link directly to a specific comment. This is particularly useful for notifications that link directly to high-priority comments.

  • New scrollbar visuals for Windows: We have improved the look of the scrollbar on Windows to make it more visually appealing and easier to use.

  • Users can now edit/delete notifications: Users (non-admin users) now have the ability to edit and delete notifications, giving them more control over their notification settings.

  • For TikTok ads, we now have the permalink also for Spark ads we don’t monitor on organic: We have found a workaround that allows us to provide permalinks for Spark ads on TikTok, even if we don't monitor them organically.

  • Requesting permission to manage posts by default on new assets: so that Facebook visitor posts (wall posts) can be moderated and replied to.

  • Lots of bug fixing and misc. improvements: We have made various improvements to the platform to fix bugs and enhance usability.

  • Automatically review messages that can't be hidden in Moderate: DMs and TW quotes/mentions and mentions will be automatically marked as reviewed under the Moderate page since these can’t be hidden

  • Quick automations: New toggle on/off automations to auto-archive hidden comments and usertags + auto-assign comments to the user who replied to them

  • Batch actions (Engage): Ability to batch tag and archive comments within Engage (under To Review + AI Highlights)

  • Batch actions (Moderate): Ability to batch tag, review and hide comments within Moderate (under To Review + AI Highlights)

  • Private Messages (Facebook) and Direct Messages / Story Replies / Instagram Mentions (Instagram) integration: You no longer need to exit our platform to respond to DMs. We've made it even easier for you to manage all social media conversations from one place.

  • New message type filter: We've added a new message type filter that divides public conversations (comments, ad comments, wall posts) and private conversations (private messages and replies to Instagram stories). This makes it easier for you to focus on the conversations that matter most to your brand.


  • AI-generated replies: We've added a new integration with OpenAI (used on ChatGPT) that allows users to generate replies in one click using. This feature saves time and helps users issue more efficient replies.

  • Asset alias in comment card: Clients can now easily see which asset is being referred to when the assets all have the same name, for example, for global Facebook brands. This feature is available upon request.

  • Option to collapse filters on the side: To give users more space for the main view, we've added the option to collapse the filters on the side. Now you can easily expand and collapse the filters to optimize your workspace.

  • Individual post notifications: You can now set up notifications for individual posts that receive high negative or positive sentiment or comment volume. This way, you can stay on top of your content and take appropriate action, such as boosting a positive post or pausing an ad that is receiving a lot of negative attention.

  • Batch Actions (hide/review/archive: For Moderate, you can now mark up to 25 comments as review and hide them at once. For Engage & Care, you can now archive up to 25 comments at once. This feature will help you save time and streamline your comment management.

  • New Overview Look: To improve readability and storytelling, we've updated the Analyze/Overview section of the platform. It's now divided into sections that give you a better understanding of the conversation trends, content resonance, topics, and audience insights.


  • Tooltip for selected filters: When hovering over selected filters, users can now see what's included in the filter selection. This feature helps users keep track of their current filter settings and allows for more efficient filtering.

  • Overview improvements: We've made some changes to our overview section, which now includes four main cards showing the total positive, negative, and neutral conversations. This update makes it easier for users to get a quick overview of their conversation sentiment.

  • New design for widgets: Our widgets have received a new design, which makes them more visually appealing and easier to read.

  • New widgets for comment moderation: We've added new widgets that show how many comments still need moderation or a response based on AI. This feature helps users prioritize their comment moderation and ensures that all comments receive a timely response.

  • Asynchronous actions: We've made some updates to the platform's functionality, so actions like reply/hide are taken asynchronously. This change speeds up the platform's response time to clients.

  • Error tab for API errors: We've added an error tab under Moderate and Engage that displays an error message when an action (hide/reply) is unsuccessful due to an API error. This feature allows users to quickly identify and troubleshoot errors.


  • TikTok organic and ads comments released: We are now supporting TikTok organic and ads comments, enabling you to stay on top of comments across all your social media platforms.

  • Custom tags for each comment: We’ve added the ability to add custom tags to each comment, helping you keep track of important information and enabling you to filter through comments later easily.

  • Automated tagging based on keywords: Our new feature enables automatic tagging based on keywords, helping you sort comments based on their content, such as tagging comments with "buying interest" as such.

  • Default saved replies: To help new users quickly respond to comments, we've added around 150 generic saved replies that they can use to issue responses.

  • Shortcuts for comment management: We've added shortcuts to move to next/previous, archive, hide, or star comments, making it faster and more convenient to manage comments.

  • Comment tags filter: Our new comment tags filter allows you to filter comments by tags easily.

  • Comment assignee filter: The comment assignee filter is now available in all dashboards, so you can filter by comment assignee and see insights in Intelligence/Analyze.

  • Suggested replies based on comment tag applied: Our new feature suggests replies based on the comment tag applied, enabling you to respond quickly to comments without having to think too hard about the appropriate response.

  • Change client option: We've added a "change client" option under My Account, allowing you to switch between multiple workspaces. Available upon request.

  • Custom tags breakdown: Within search, you know are able to get a custom tag breakdown which lets you see which tags are mostly used on comments (tagged manually by users) and their sentiment.

  • Filter improvements: We moved the filters to a new sidebar and made some visual improvements, making it easier for you to access and use them.